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Traffic James DeVita defends clients in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia who are charged with:

  • DWI, Driving While Intoxicated- driving with an alcohol level above the legal limit as demonstrated by breath tests and blood alcohol tests
  • DUI, Driving Under the Influence- driving a vehicle when the driver's ability to drive is impaired by alcohol
  • Reckless Driving- (General) operating a vehicle in a manner which is dangerous to others (By Speed) driving at truly excessive rates of speed
  • Driving on a Suspended License- driving after a driver's license has been suspended due to an accumulation of points or violations
  • No Operators Permit- Driving without a driver's license or failing to have the license in your possession
  • Speeding- cases involving speeding violations tracked by radar, laser (lidar), pacing, Vascar (air patrol)
  • Aggressive Driving- traffic violations aggravated by reckless behavior
  • Leaving the Scene of An Accident- leaving the scene of an accident without stopping to give the other driver information concerning license, registration, and insurance
  • Other Traffic Violations- Improper Backing, Turning, Passing, Ignoring Traffic Signals
  • Restoring Driving Privileges- Restoring driver's licenses
Mr. DeVita can also provide advice concerning:
  • Bail, Bail Bonds
  • Investigation of Criminal cases, Discovery
  • Plea Bargains
  • Trials
  • Appeals
  • Expungement of Criminal Records

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